Goodbye and see you next year!

Yesterday our windows arrived – very good looking wooden windows from Norwood (…except of the main door and the golden hardware – but we will change that later ;-)). Troy and the guys directly built them in and it’s really the kind of style we’ve been looking for! I’m glad that we’ve choosen wooden windows – they look so much better than vinyl ones. The outswing casement windows in the kids rooms are really great – they’re more like a door than a window. The big bay window/door is really great too – you can open it completely and have an unlimited view of the bay. I can’t await to bring my Eames lounge chair in…

Today I had a walk through Lot 1 and 2 – really nice ones – so if anybody is interesting of becoming my neighbour in Gegogan Harbour – send me an email!

On our way to the airport we’d choosen the route through the Blue Mountains and had heavy snow fall! Great!

Now we’re sitting at the Halifax Airport and are waiting for our flight back home – too sad… (but on the other side of the Atlantic my kids are still waiting!).

That was the last visit for this year and the next time I’ll fly over will be in March next year. So goodbye to everybody in Nova Scotia – I’ll had a great time (as ever) and I really enjoyed the trip!

Thanx everybody and send me picts when the snow arrives!

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