Can’t wait to meet the bear…

…or the beer… Have to think about it.

Some pictures taken by one of our guests:


07 2014

Lobster Season is going to start!

…everything is prepared for the Lobster Season 2014!



04 2014

Back in Nova Scotia

…we’re back an starting the season 2014!



04 2014

Summer holiday in Nova Scotia

…even if our summer holidays are ending soon I’ld like to share some impressions of time we have here in Nova Scotia! As always the time’s too short and we would love to stay forever. But the good thing: We’ll return for sure!


08 2013

Wonderful Snow in Gegogan Harbour

What a wonderful place in winter! After 2.5 years the whole Mause familiy is back in Gegogan and enjoying a wonderful wintertime. First it was difficult to access the property as the snow was quite high, but thanks to our caretaker who prepared some tracks using his fourwheeler we made it!


03 2013

Just a short visit!

After a very long summer without a chance to fly over to Canada finally I found the time for a short visit. Everything’s gorgeous as ever! It’s still the best place on earth and lucky me the weather was excellent!


12 2012

Kayaking on West River

(picture by Tracy Auton Stuit)

Yesterday we were kayking on West River with Cathy & Steffen and a lot of other folks from around. Over 15 kayaks and canoes alltogether. It was a great day! Starting near Gasperaux Lake and then went down the West River to Antigonish. Great kayak and canoe route with a lot of nature and wild life.


05 2012

Seasons opening!

Back in Nova Scotia! After Doris officially opened the 2012 season the week before, we’re now here to set-up everything for the summer. The weather is great – got a big sunburn yesterday working in the garden.


05 2012

Happy New Year Everybody!

We wish everybody a Happy New Year 2012!


01 2012

Cats and Dogs

wow – yesterday we had excellent weather – today it’s raining cats and dogs and it seems that a couple of trees wont stand the day. I’ve heard that there is a big snow chaos on the US East Coast – seems like it’s storm over here…


10 2011

Bear poop

Today I found that one on our property:

Wow – as Jim told me that is a nice big bear poop. Haven’t seen any bears around here – but seems like this guy was looking for a place for the winter and crossed our property. Hopefully he found a nice warm place elsewhere ;-)


10 2011

Back in Gegogan Harbour

Back in Gegogan Harbour for a long weekend. Gorgeous as ever. And as a friend said: I’m spoiled – excellent weather today – blue sky, warm sun – great!


10 2011

Just one week left in July / August

So finally: Just one week left in July – so if anybody is interested and spontaneous: Check our online booking calendar:!


07 2011

Booking season starts

Yes – it seems that everybody is thinking about the summer now. We received a couple of bookings for the summer – we’re nearly booked for June and July – so if you’re intersted – let me know!

Please find rental information about Gegogan Beach House here >>>

(Relaxed vacation…)


06 2011

The brotherhood…

Just came back from a nice trip with my two brothers Andreas and Peter. For Andreas it was the first time in Canada and his first flight ever (YES – he survived…).

We had some really nice days and a great bbq with our Canadian friends.


06 2011

Feeling home sick

Okay – this view isn’t bad – but it’s a big city and I really feel home sick and miss the view over Gegogan Harbour… I have to check the flight schedules…


03 2011

Back home :-(

…hadn’t found the time to post new picts while we were in Canada – we were so busy ;-) It was great as always and this time it was really hard to get back to Germany.

Unfortunately we didn’t had so much snow – but today Richard send me a picture with a nice little winter scenery…

And I don’t want to hide some pictures from our first Christmas in Canada! We had an excellent and very huge Christmas tree from our own property. Thanks to Troy for telling me the difference between a Spruce and a Fir ;-)


01 2011

Just 4 more days…

…and than I’m taking the plane to Halifax for our first Christmas in Canada. I hope it will snow soon!

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12 2010

Rental information

If you are interested in renting our house please have a look on our rental information page!

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08 2010


Last Friday Doris had to go home. I guess she was very sad and maybe a little bit jealous…

But before she left we did a great kayak tour to the old shipwreck and met a couple of other Germans on that nice sandy beach with the big waves at Cap Gegogan. Greetings to Thilo and Ulla & Harald!

On Sunday Glenn and Neil learned from Alex how to dig for clams – so next time we’ll have some clams to cook too!


08 2010